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A belt can be the finishing touch to your outfit.

From a simple small belt as a beautiful waistline accent, which could be perfect for that special dress, to tough looking belts with studs or striking accessories with a special buckle.

We offer a wide variety of belts in all kinds of materials, colours and prints. We always do this according to the latest fashion trends.


With years of experience, GBV Fashion offers a wide range of fashion jewelry: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, finger-rings, brooches and more.

This website represents only a small part of our total collection.

Hair accessories

GBV Fashion offers a wide range of hair accessories for ladies but for kids as well.

From simple pins or elastics, to beautiful diadems or clips with flower decoration.


Scarves will always be popular. GBV Fashion offers the best scarves in all sorts; from simple thin scarves or scarves with studs, to bright colored eye-catchers which can totally cheer up your outfit.

From snoods to classic scarves, using different fabrics as polyester, viscose and acrylic: everything is possible!